Pastor Ed Parton and wife Grace

Pastor Ed Parton has been pastoring for over 55 years. During those 55 years there has never been a Sunday when he was not a pastor.

He announced his call from God to preach in August of 1962. He was licensed to preach on October 28, 1962 and ordained the next year in March.

His wife of 55 years, Grace Trentham Parton, has been by his side in every endeavor. Both have served in several churches and have done this faithfully through these many years.

Pastor Parton has also been responsible for the distribution of millions of tracts and thousands of Bibles around the world. Over the years he has helped support hundreds of missionaries in their endeavors. He has also encouraged and influenced the lives of those that have been a part of his ministry or a member of one of the churches he has pastored.


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